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Studio Geometria ltd. was founded in the beginning of 2009, as a garage studio for graphic and web design.
We started as a winner of the competition for re-brand of Kamenitza's brand Burgasko. Later the same year, we supervised our first major project - Mall Plovdiv's Xmas fest, and at the beginning of 2010 we promoted ourselves as a part of the program the famous "Plovdiv's Otets Paisiy Street Festival", with the sculpture and typography installation called "Otets Paisiy 38".
We continued developing our portfolio with various activities as mobile apps development, web and software programming, and full time marketing and advertising services. We reached out some major clients abroad, as Toshiba Industrial Camera Systems, famous London designers as James Long, and Noel Stewart, and many more. As a full time marketing and advertising advisor, we became part of the biggest cultural events in Bulgaria - "Night of museums and galleries Plovdiv", "Fortissimo fest" and "Fortissimo Family" festivals, "Otets Paisiy Street festival". As a part of our social activity, we help pro-bono organisations as "For our children foundation", "National Association of Foster Care", "Plovdiv2019 - Candidate for European Capital of Culture", and many more cultural and social organisations. picture
In the end of 2011, we won the prestigious competition "Code Monsters Contest", for design and programming of java mobile application for Android, sponsored by the bulgarian leading telecom Vivacom. picture

The latest news from us - our short movie "A Girl With a Face" was selected for the main program of the famous international video festival "Videoholica 2014" picture

View the soundtrack teaser of the film:


Graphic design:
Brand management, Poster design, Leaflet and broshure design, Books and magazines designs and pre-press activities.

Web&Mobile design and programming:
Customized&Outsourced Development - HTML5/CSS3/JS/Java/iOS coding. ; Wordpress&Joomla customization

Handmade&Digital Illustrations:
Custom-made and digital illustrations, coloured and grayscale. Outsourced illustrations, both starters and pending for finishing.

Marketing&Advertising solutions:
Full marketing&advertising campaign services, including event management of cultural festivals, concerts, boutique events, btl activities.

Video&Audio producing:
Video&Audio full service - producing, directing, shooting, video and sound design;

3D visualisation and modelling:
3D visualisation of architecture, packaging and objects.

Marketing, Advertising &

Event Management

Fortissimo Family 2012/2013/2014 - Winner of the award “Best Music Event – Musician of the year 2013” of Bulgarian National Radio
Full time marketing and advertising services; event management; client: XX-Triola-Quintola Foundation


Fortissimo fest 2011/2012/2013
Event management; marketing&PR consulting; client: XX-Triola-Quintola Foundation


Night of museums and galleries Plovdiv 2010/11
Full time marketing and advertising services; event management; client: Open Arts Foundation


Orpheus hotel**** - Pamporovo 2010/11
Full time marketing and advertising services; PR; event management;


X-mas Mall Fest at Mall Plovdiv 2009
Event management; marketing and advertising consulting; client: The Smarts ltd.



Studio Geometria ltd.

Adress:4000 Plovdiv, 7 Nish str.
Phone:+359877 678703
Adress:4700 Smolyan, 3 Slaveevi gori str.
Phone:+359879 475 369

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